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OTP - is the airport code you'll land!

Henry Coandă Bucharest Airport (OTP) is only 20 min away from Bucharest city center.

Elegant TAXI, UBER, Black Cab services or even BUS services are available for you right from the Arrivals Terminal.

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Map from the airport to downtown

Map from the downtown to the event location

You'll LOVE our OLD City center!

Enjoy a great walk through the city center of Bucharest after dark and see some of the city’s magical sites and hear the stories about  this wonderful city, once called “Little Paris”.

Experience the romance and charm of Bucharest at night. See the lights turn on at dusk, and marvel at city monuments such as the Triumphant Arch, Romanian Athenaeum, Palace of Parliament, Royal Palace, Revolution Square, Victory Avenue, floodlit for the night. The well-lit streets of Bucharest city center are ideal for night time running, but also reward with some of the city’s most beautiful sights.