REGISTRATION Tango Ambassadors 10, 2024


Registration single (without partner) is possible ONLY for Technique (Monday Pack) and Dance packs!

If you do not have partner YET, register and fill: Searching for a partner and we'll put you on a waiting list until you will find one.

For the rest of the packs - Friday, Saturday, Sunday packs or any other combination you may want, please find a partner. (Same gender is an option)

Click on any pack below to go to the registration form!
6 or 7 workshops 
Balul de Tango de Sânziene with Show + Grand Milonga with Show +  Concept Milonga
12 hours of training for only 240 EUR* 

(or 250 EUR for non-members Tango Ambassadors Club)

Choose workshops from any 2 days 
Balul de Tango de Sânziene with Show + Grand Milonga with Show +  Concept Milonga
5 to 8 hours of training starting from 140 EUR*

(to calculate, add the price of the chosen days and subtract 50 EUR)

(or 160 EUR for non-members Tango Ambassadors Club)

8 workshops 
Balul de Tango de Sânziene with Show + Grand Milonga with Show +  Concept Milonga
13 hours of training for only 270 EUR* 

(or 300 EUR for non-members Tango Ambassadors Club)


Registration NOW is open for ALL Packs!
Single registration is possible ONLY for Monday and DANCE Pack. Couple registration is required for all other packs.

Thank you for your interest in our seminars. To register fill the registration form with both your name and your partner's name. Your partner must register too. If you do not have a partner fill with "Searching for a partner".


This is how you can register to the event: Registration must be done via the registration form and valid personal data must be provided.

We will need a few of days to process your registration request. Then you will receive a personal e-mail with the details of where, when and how to make the payment. Donations displayed are per person, in EURO. All event donations are for eLIBERarte Associations - the promoter of tango in Romania.

"First come, first served" will be applied for all participants who register. Members of Tango Ambassadors Club will have priority to registration and will pay discounted prices marqued with *.

Final confirmation after payment is bound to the person. In case of cancellation, there is no refund of the registration fee.

You CAN register individually for ALL milongas, Monday Pack and DANCE Pack.

You MUST register in couple (leader+follower) for ALL seminars (Full, Smart, Self Sharp, & Day Packs)

For any other info contact us by email: gilbert.iscu@gmail.com or +40721284428 (Sms or WhatsApp)

Spend 4 days dancing and 14 hours of intense tango training with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne toghether with Pablo Hernan Tegli and Emilie Caron in Bucharest, Romania!

Join NOW and dance with very young and talented group of tango dancers from Romania.