Juan Fossati y Gimena Aramburu in Romania

Bucharest, Romania, February 15-17, 2019



From Friday from 19.00 till Sunday at midnight we will dance and enjoy argentine tango in Bucharest.


Friday, February 15

19.00 WT1 - Tehnica para mujeres

Dancing with the whole body! Not only your legs define you! Use your center to complete your movements. Present embrace to allow dialogue and make you free to choose


19.00 MT1 - Technica para hombres

Keep walking but deciding when and how. Let's put down roots to improve our dance and axis. Cross, turn, walk, pivot. Enhance your fluency


20.30 - 22.00 WS2 Musicality

The sound of movements.  Tempo, accents, and some nice combinations for the dance floor. Playing a duo with your partner.


Location: Bd. Pache Protopopescu 43A


Saturday, February 16

13.00 WS3 Giros y enrosques

Around men or women, how to keep your axis and stay grounded while you turn. Square the circle. Diassociation as the engine of any round movement.


15.00 WS4 Voleos y Sacadas

Different combination and techniques for both roles. Dynamics greyscale.  From the simple ones to some that are trickier!!!

Location: Rio Club, Str. Bărăției 31

Gran Milonga y Show

21.00 - 04.00
Clubul Țăranului, Str. Monetăriei 2 (P. Victoriei)


Sunday, February 17

14.00 WS5 Developing creativity (vol. I)

Improvisation and tools to expand the possibilities of our tango. How to have fun and remember we dance because we enjoy it!


16.00 WS6 Developing creativity (vol. II)

Creating new tango from oldies but goldies. Improvisation and tools to expand the possibilities of our tango.


Location: Rio Club, Str. Bărăției 31

Milonga A los Amigos

20.00 - 24.00
Dialogue Social Bar, Str. Hristo Botev 1 (Piata Rosetti)

dialogue social bar tango


Choose the Smart, Sharp or Full pack and learn tango from the best maestros Juan Fossati y Gimena Aramburu

Smart Pack

3 workshops + 1 tehnique
Milonga A los Amigos +
Gran Milonga with
Show of Maestros!

Full Pack

5 workshops + 1 tehnique
Milonga A los Amigos +
Gran Milonga with
Show of Maestros!

Sharp Pack

One workshop +
Milonga A los Amigos +
Gran Milonga with
Show of Maestros!

Event locations

WS1 y WT1 + MT1 - Technica para hombres y mujeres will be at Tangotangent studio - Bd. Pache Protopopescu 43A

Workshops on Saturday and Sunday will take place in Rio Club (Salsa Factory) 31, Baratiei Street. (near Magazinul Cocor)

GRAN Milonga con Show Juan y Gimena (Saturday, 21.00) - Clubul Țăranului, Str. Monetăriei 3 (Piața Victoriei)

Milonga a los Amigos (Sunday) - - Dialogue Social Bar, Str. Hristo Botev 1 (Piața Rosetti)


8-juan-fossati-y-gimena-aramburu-in romania

Amazing Tango Videos with Juan y Gimena

3-juan-fossati-y-gimena-aramburu-in romania

Osvaldo Pugliese y Su Orquesta - Patetico (tango)

Lucio Demare y Su Orquesta Tipica - Una Emocion (tango)

Juan D'Arienzo - La Endiablada (milonga)

Lucio Demare - Torrente (tango)

Juan Fossati y Gimena Aramburu

Juan Fossati begins his artistic training at the Vocational Art Institute in 1987, complemented by music, studying piano with different teachers, among which stands out Nicolás Ledesma and at the Popular Music School of Avellaneda.

Juan started to learn tango-dance at the beginning of the 90's in the National School of Buenos Aires and with numerous recognised teachers of all generations, like Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel, Carlos Gavito, Milena Plebs, Roberto Herrera, Rubén and Sabrina Veliz, Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti, to name a few.

In 2000, he founded a company called Tanguardia, performing at the III Buenos Aires Tango Festival, at the IFT Theater, at CC Borges and touring Cuba.

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